MY TechnoCare 8051 Development Board ZIF Socket MAX232,AT89S52 Microcontroller IC + DS1307 RTC + 16x2 LCD Yellow Backlight+ATMEL AVR 8051 USB ASP ISP Programmer Kit For ATmega,89S51/XX,89S8252 etc Board Support 89C51/XX etc Architecture 40-Pin Chip Protot

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Manufacturer Description

8051 Project Board With ZIF Socket+ 89S52 + MAX232 Support AT89S51,AT89S52, P89V51RD2+ 8051/AVR (2in1) USB Programmer + 5V DC 16 x 2 Lines LCD Display +I2C RTC DS1307 For All Microcontroller(Arduino,8051,PIC,AVR,PIC,ARM etc) If you are learning microcontroller programming and want to make project based on 8051 than this board will help you. With this board you can develop and prototype with any of 8051(AT89S51 ,AT89S52 ,P89V51RD2,AT89Cxx) 40 pin microcontrollers. The board have and status LED. The 1.5 Amp bridge rectifier allow this board to be powered with both AC and DC power supply adapters. Board having RS232 Serial port for flashing P89V51RD2 (NXP) microcontroller and also use for interfacing GSM module, GPS module , RFID module. There is 5V,12V,GND power bus which allow to power external peripherals. This is a basic 16 character by 2 line display Yellow Back light . Utilizes the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset (datasheet). Interface code is freely available. You will need 7 general I/O pins(If use in 4-bit Mode) to interface to this LCD screen. Includes LED backlight. About RTC (Real Time Clock) : This is the Real Time Clock (RTC) Module, this small breakout board that uses the most popular DS1307 to keep track of the current year, month, day as well as the current time. The module comes fully assembled and includes a small Lithium coin cell battery that will run the RTC for a minimum of 9 years without an external 5V Power supply. The DS1307 RTC is Accessed via I2C Protocol. About USB AVR and AT89Sxx ISP Programme USB AVR and AT89Sxx ISP (In System programming) Programmer is low cost USB based programmer.There is no need to take out target micro controller from the development Board. This programmer will work with a wide variety of Atmel AVR and AT89Sxxxx microcontroller. They quite compact, but the design is really elegant. The USB interface is achieved by using an atmega8 processor and the rest is done in firmware.

Product Features

"PLEASE, DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE & DATASHEET USER MANUAL FROM BELOW LINK" --- | This Product Listing is Created By "MY TechnoCare". | Please Buy ORIGINAL Product From "MY TechnoCare" Store. | NO SUPPORT will be Given for FAKE / CLONE Products Sold by OTHER STORES. | | NOTE : POWER SUPPLY Adapter IS NOT Included WITH THIS ITEM. PROGRAMMER FEATURES: There is 5V USB Supply Option for Target so No Need of Any External Supply. |Allows You to Read or Write the Microcontroller Flash, EEPROM, Fuse Bit and Lock Bits | 6 Pin Polarized ISP Interface Connector | 5KB/sec Maximum Write Speed. SCK Option to Support Targets with Low Clock Speed (<1.5MHz). | Support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. | "PLEASE, DOWNLOAD Driver Installation Guide for Windows 8 FROM ABOVE LINK 8051 BOARD FEATURES :Onboard RS232 Interface for serial communication with jumper. | On board power indication & Power plug-in jack | GND Bus & Vcc Bus(5V and 12V DC) to Supply Power External Device | ISP Programming Pin Out. & Four Mounting Holes 3.0 mm for Easy Mounting | Extra User Peripheral(OnBoard): User LED Green (P2.0 Pin) | User Switch P3.3 | On Board External Interrupt Switch (INT1) | Extension Slot on every Microcontroller Pin Windows 8 Requires Device Signature Setting Configuration, so Please Download & Refer Driver Installation Guide." --

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