Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit With Dry Run Protection | For Sump & Overhead Tank | Transistor Based

   Author: Manikandan K J  Circuit Sponsor: kjmindia.in Water level controller is necessary for many reasons. Water level can be monitored and controlled automatically without any human intervention. Thus, it saves water wastage, electricity and time. This can be used both in industries and houses. The circuit I am going to share in this post controls water level in the overhead …

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Water Level Indicator Circuit Project Using IC 555 With Motor Dry Run Protection Alarm

Author: Manikandan K J Components Required:Resistors (All 1/4W)R1 – R6 – 1MR7 – R12 – 220KR13 – R17 – 1KR18 – 3.3KR19 – 1MR20 – 100K (Preset)R21 – 1KR22 – 1.5K Capacitors:104(0.1uF) – Ceramic Disc – 1 no.100uF,25V – 1 no.470uF,40V – 1 no. IC:U1- CD4049 (with Base)U2-555(with Base) Diodes:D1 – LEDD2 & D3- IN4148DB1- W04 (Bridge Rectifier) Transistor:S8550 PNP Relimate Connector:Sensor – 8 …

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