Fully Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit with Motor Dry Run Protection Without Using Microcontroller

Automatic Water Level Controller With Dry Run Protection Circuit Board |

  Author: Manikandan KJ ¬©KJMIndia Automatic water level controllers regulate the water supply for a given reservoir/tank to maintain a minimum water level. This water level controller circuit uses a float switch to control the water level of the storage tank. It is an automatic system, so it will start to fill up when the height of the water goes below …

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12V Lead Acid Battery Charger Circuit With Overcharge Protection And Float Charge | Up to 10Ah Battery

Author: Fayaz Hassan  When the battery reaches the maximum charging voltage defined by the circuit, most battery chargers cease charging it. This 12V battery charger circuit charges the battery at a certain voltage, known as absorption voltage, and after the maximum charging voltage is reached, the charger switches to float voltage to keep the battery at that voltage. The kind of …

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Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit With Dry Run Protection | For Sump & Overhead Tank | Transistor Based

   Author: Manikandan K J  Circuit Sponsor: Water level controller is necessary for many reasons. Water level can be monitored and controlled automatically without any human intervention. Thus, it saves water wastage, electricity and time. This can be used both in industries and houses. The circuit I am going to share in this post controls water level in the overhead …

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5 Minutes Timer Circuit To Turn Off Electrical Devices

A timer circuit is used to generate an output pulse after a given period of time. This time can be in the order of seconds or minutes. The length of the output pulse can be varied by changing the frequency at which the clock signal is applied to the timer’s input pin. Time interval can be measured in seconds, minutes, …

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Overvoltage and undervoltage protection circuit diagram | High and low voltage protection circuit diagram Using LM358

Voltage fluctuations and power cuts adversely affect various electrical appliances such as Tv, music system, refrigerator, etc. Here is a simple and inexpensive circuit using opamp Lm358 to disconnect the equipment during high and low voltage. We can also use LM324 to design this circuit by using only the two op amps out of the four. We can also design …

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