Indicator Circuits

Power failure and resumption alarm cum indicator circuit using 555 timer ic

Power Failure And Resumption Alarm Cum Indicator Circuit Project Kit

Power Failure And Resumption Alarm Cum Indicator Circuit Project from KJMIndia This is a very simple circuit built using only few components to detect ac mains power failure and its resumption. The heart of the circuit is the most popular timer Ic 555 which is wired as monostable multivibrator. Bty, …

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Simple Battery Monitor Circuit Diagram Using NPN Transistor BC547 | Car Battery Monitor Circuit

Parts Used:Transistor : BC547 (Q1)Resistor (All are 1/4Watts)R1 – 10KR2 – 1KR3 – 1K Diode:D1 – 6V, 500mW ZenerD2 – LED (any color)Circuit Description:This circuit indicates a warning whenever the battery voltage falls below the level set by 10K pot. It can indicate that the battery is defective or needs charging if cranking drops …

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12V Battery Charge/Discharge Indicator Using The Dual Op-Amp LM358 | 12v battery level indicator

Parts Used:Resistors: (1/4 Watts)R1 – 10KR2 – 10KR3 – 10K (preset)R4 – 10K (preset)R5 – 1.5KR6 – 1.5KR7 – 1KR8 – 1.5KR9 – 1.5KIC:U1 Dual Op-Amp LM358LEDs:RedGreenYellowFuse:100mA12V Battery General purpose PCBCircuit Description:This circuit monitors the 12V battery voltage. It provides an indication of normal supply voltage as well as low and …

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Water Level Indicator Circuit Project Using IC 555 With Motor Dry Run Protection Alarm

Components Required:Resistors (All 1/4W)R1 – R6 – 1MR7 – R12 – 220KR13 – R17 – 1KR18 – 3.3KR19 – 1MR20 – 100K (Preset)R21 – 1KR22 – 1.5K Capacitors:104(0.1uF) – Ceramic Disc – 1 no.100uF,25V – 1 no.470uF,40V – 1 no. IC:U1- CD4049 (with Base)U2-555(with Base) Diodes:D1 – LEDD2 & D3- IN4148DB1- W04 (Bridge …

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