Controller Circuits

Basic Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit Diagram Using 555 timer Ic

Automatic water level controller using 555 basic circuit

Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit Diagram Using 555 timer Ic For Overhead TankHere is a simple water level controller using the 555 timer ic which will monitor the overhead tank. It will automatically switch on the motor when the level of water falls below the predetermined bottom level and switches …

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Semi-Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit Project Using 555 Timer

semi automatic water level controller circuit project using 555 timer

This is a very simple water controller circuit built using the popular 555 timer ic. It is called as semi-automatic water level controller because we have to manually switch on the circuit and it will turn off the water pump automatically once the level of water touches the contact type …

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Overvoltage and undervoltage protection circuit diagram | High and low voltage protection circuit diagram Using LM358

Main High/Low Voltage Cut-off Circuit Using Dual Op amp Lm358

Voltage fluctuations and power cuts adversely affect various electrical appliances such as Tv, music system, refrigerator, etc. Here is a simple and inexpensive circuit using opamp Lm358 to disconnect the equipment during high and low voltage. We can also use LM324 to design this circuit by using only the two …

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