Water Tank Overflow Alarm Circuit With Momentary Switch To Turn Off The Alarm

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Author: Manikandan K J

This circuit produces an audible alarm when the water level in a rain or water tank rises above a preset level and overflows. It will sound an alarm whenever the water level reaches the top position in the overhead tank, thus it alerts one to turn off the motor to prevent water wastage. 

The purpose of this circuit is to detect when there is an overflow of water in a tank and stop it from continuing to rise which would cause flooding. This can be useful in many different places where there are tanks of water like swimming pools, fountains or overhead tanks for example.

It has a power indicator and a full tank led indicator apart from the alarm. The power to this device can be kept “on” all the time (24 X 7). We can turn off the alarm sound by pressing the momentary switch. We can use contact type sensors or float switches to sense the water level inside the tank. We can use this circuit in the overhead tank, swimming pools, underground sump, aquariums, etc.. in order to monitor the top level.

If you are looking for a semi-automatic controller circuit, click here or a simple automatic water level controller circuit,click here. This circuit can be powered by a 9 or 12v step-down transformer of current rating ranging from 200mA to 500mA. We can use speaker wire to connect the device to the sensor or float switches inside the tank. For alarm, here I have used a continuous tone buzzer. We can also use musical buzzer or a recordable chip with a slight modification in the circuit.

This circuit can be assembled easily on a general purpose Pcb.
Parts required:

DB1 – W04 or Db107 (Bridge Rectifier)
9V to 18V AC – Step Down Transformer, 200 to 500mA

C1 – 220uf / 40V 
C2 – 0.001uF (ceramic or polyester) – 102


Resistor: (All 1/4W)
R1, R5 – 4.7K
R2, R3 – 470K
R4, R6 – 2.2K
R7 – 22K
R8 – 33K

Q1, Q2 – BC547

Buz – 3v to 24V DC buzzer (continuous or intermittent)

Led – 3mm 0r 5mm
L1 – Green
L2 – Red

S1 – Normally Open Momentary Switch

Sensor – Contact type metal sensor or float switch or stainless steel spoon:)

Integrated Circuit:
U1 – 7812 
U2 – 555 Timer IC

A fully finished product is available at kjmindia.in
KJMIndia.in | Water Tank Overflow Alarm Circuit


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