40 LED AC 230V Bright Light Circuit Diagram | Transformer-less

This is an improved version of the circuit shown in the previous post.

Components Required:

R1 – 100E, 2W
R2 – 390K, 1/2W

C1 – 0.27uF or 0.22uF, 400V or 630V
C2  – 10uF, 400V

BR – Bridge Rectifier ( DB107 or W04)
MOV – 275/20
LED – Ultra bright white LED(40 numbers)
General purpose PCB
The forward current of the LED that I have used in this project is 20mA.
We can connect 1W zener diode parallel to the output to get a stabilized output. Number of Leds in the output can be reduced or increased accordingly.
Note:Always ask the forward voltage and current of the LED you are going to use before purchasing.

If you are going to use LED’s of another current rating, please use the following calculation.

$X_{c}= frac{1}{2pi fC} Ohms  —- (1)$
$X_{c}= frac{V_{RMS}}{I} Ohms  —-(2)$
f – Frequency in Hertz (Hz)
C – Capacitance in Farads (F)
$V_{RMS} text{- Mains Voltage Volt(V)}$
I – Current in ampere (A)

Known values,
f – 50Hz
V – 230V
C – 0.27uF (This is the value of C1)
π – 3.14

Comparing (1) and (2), 

$$frac{1}{2pi fC} = frac{V_{RMS}}{I}$$
$$Rightarrow I = V_{RMS} times 2pi fC$$
$$Rightarrow I = 230 times 2 times 3.14 times 50 times 0.27 times 10^{-6} [because mu = 10^{-6}]$$
$$Rightarrow I = 19.4994 times 10^{-3} A$$
Rounding off, we get:
$$Rightarrow I = 19 text{ } mA$$
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