12V CFL Inverter Circuit Using 3525 IC | Mini Inverter Circuit

This circuit is used to drive a regular a/c cfl bulb upto 32 watts. You can try it by using more watts bulb or changing the transformer. The output of the sg3525 is fed to the transformer through two Mosfets. The pinout diagram of sg3525 is given below:

SG3525 Pinout Diagram Kitszone.com

Components Required:
R1- 4.7K
R2- 18K
R3- 4.7K
R4- 22E
R5- 22E
R6- 10K
R7- 10K

C1- 0.001 uF (102)
C2- 100uF/25V
C3- 4.7 uF/25V
C4- 0.001 uF (102) 1Kv

U1- SG3525
L1- Choke(100 uH)
T1 – CFL Transformer (EE28)
MOSFET (Q1 & Q2) – IRF540/ IRFZ44/ P55NF06
Diode(BR) – D1-D4 – BA159
Fuse (F1) – 1A
Battery – 12V or Two 6V Battery in series or Three 4V battery in series.More battery ampere used, more duration.

12v cfl inverter circuit board

The circuit do not include charging section. Tested up to 32 Watts cfl bulb without any heat sink. Can also charge mobile or tabs. Requires 12v battery of any ampere. We can also use computer ups battery.

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