6v Battery Charger Circuit With Auto Cut Off Using LM317 And BC547

6v Battery charger circuit with auto cut-off | kitszone.com

Here іѕ a circuit whісh саn charge a 6V,4.5AH lеаd-асіd battery that are соmmоnlу used in еmеrgеnсу lіghtѕ. Wіth this сіrсuіt, wе саn lеаvе thе battery сhаrgеd all time wіthоut the fеаr оf оvеrсhаrgіng. The hеаrt оf the сіrсuіt іѕ thе popular rеgulаtоr IC LM317T. Aѕ per thе mаnufасturеr'ѕ specification, thіѕ IC can hаndlе іnрut voltage uрtо 37V аnd dеlіvеr current of 1.5A.

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Basic Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit Diagram Using 555 timer Ic

Automatic water level controller using 555 basic circuit

Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit Diagram Using 555 timer Ic For Overhead TankHere is a simple water level controller using the 555 timer ic which will monitor the overhead tank. It will automatically switch on the motor when the level of water falls below the predetermined bottom level and switches …

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Power failure and resumption alarm cum indicator circuit using 555 timer ic

Power Failure And Resumption Alarm Cum Indicator Circuit Project Kit

Power Failure And Resumption Alarm Cum Indicator Circuit Project from KJMIndia This is a very simple circuit built using only few components to detect ac mains power failure and its resumption. The heart of the circuit is the most popular timer Ic 555 which is wired as monostable multivibrator. Bty, …

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Water Level Indicator Circuit Project Using IC 555 With Motor Dry Run Protection Alarm

Components Required:Resistors (All 1/4W)R1 – R6 – 1MR7 – R12 – 220KR13 – R17 – 1KR18 – 3.3KR19 – 1MR20 – 100K (Preset)R21 – 1KR22 – 1.5K Capacitors:104(0.1uF) – Ceramic Disc – 1 no.100uF,25V – 1 no.470uF,40V – 1 no. IC:U1- CD4049 (with Base)U2-555(with Base) Diodes:D1 – LEDD2 & D3- IN4148DB1- W04 (Bridge …

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How well can computers connect symptoms to diseases?

A new MIT study finds “health knowledge graphs,” which show relationships between symptoms and diseases and are intended to help with clinical diagnosis, can fall short for certain conditions and patient populations. The results also suggest ways to boost their performance. Health knowledge graphs have typically been compiled manually by …

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How to verify that quantum chips are computing correctly

In a step toward practical quantum computing, researchers from MIT, Google, and elsewhere have designed a system that can verify when quantum chips have accurately performed complex computations that classical computers can’t. Quantum chips perform computations using quantum bits, called “qubits,” that can represent the two states corresponding to classic …

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